Week 10

This week i have studied the gmime and intoduced this lib into my projects at last, which is used to parse the MimeMultipartSigned message and get the PGP/GPG Key. And then import the keys into the local chain, i used the Seahorse DisplayNotification() DBus API at org.gnome.seahorse.KeyService to notify the key imported. there is a snapshot in my blog:)

The next week i will try to introduce the gnome-kering into my project(maybe far away from my original application's goal ? -- integration of the Seahorse), and use it to manage the certificates, mainly about the UI design.



Stoffe said...

That notification kinda breaks the rule about messages - that they should only be used when the user is actually affected and needs to take an action.

Importing a key is not important info and the user usually don't know what to do with that information. So you imported a key, you say? What do you want me to do about that?

Better to just do it silently and then have things "just work" in the future as the signature is now stored.

Anonymous said...


andre said...

Now to the bureaucracy: Note that gmime is not yet an approved dependency of GNOME.