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i have tested the seahorse's DBus APIs and written some codes.
i want to change the key input to the key selection in Evolution. eg:
the PGP/GPG key input entry in the evolution account editor, which is needed to input manually(show in the cycle):
So, i intend to change it to a combo box, such as:and the private key list in the combo box:
The next step. i would like to read the source of evolution trunk about the key input, and integrate my combo box to the evolution.

PS: some days earlier, i met a guy from gnome_cn (Yang Hong), who works near to my school. He gave me some good advice. He said that the gpg key encryption/decryption is used more common than certificates, so he suggested me to complete the gpg key selection part first and do something to import the sender's public key automatically. eg:

Thanks Yang hong, and
Happy Hacking!


andre said...

It's really great to see somebody working on this, thanks!

Adam said...

You should be able to easily modify libcryptui to provide you with that combo box. See the cryptui_key_chooser with signer TRUE set to get it.

Also, in the preferences found in the main seahorse app, on the key servers tab, there's a check box to automatically fetch keys. Using that combined with calling the DiscoverKeys DBus method asynchronously should do the trick.

If you already know this, please ignore me and keep up the good work.