Week 5

this week i did some research about the EPlugin and the source of camel. i had intended to find some codes to extract the GPG Key infomation, but i failed. And then i write to the Evolution-hackers an email to find if there is any good way to deal with it (to fetch the GPG Key ID from CamelMimeMessage). Some guy(maybe the maintainer of
the GMime) suggests me to think about the gmime, which is good. But i don't want to introduce any other libs to my project.

Now i use a very dirty way and can get the GPG key ID(8 hex digit, which should be display_id or short_keyid in Seahorse). However, i found the DiscoverKeys() needs the raw keyids. i emailed Adam then, and he said that the MatchKeys() should be extended, but he has little time to look at it.

Do you have any good pointer?

The next week, i want to dive into the management of certificates and think about the patch of Security tab in evo 's account editor.

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